Red Zombie Installation Guide

Tempered Glass Installation Instructions

1. Make sure your hands are clean and that you are in a dust free environment.
2. Clean the surface of your device thoroughly with the Alcohol Wipe.
3. Use the Microfiber Cloth to complete surface cleaning.
4. Peel off the first layer and position Red Zombie Glass on your device.
5. Once Positioned, press in the center of the Glass and slowly work your way toward the edges.

Tempered Glass Installation Video

Liquid Glass Installation Instructions

1. Use cleaning wipes #1 and #2 to remove all dirt, germs, and grease.
2. Use the microfiber cloth to thoroughly dry your device.
3. Apply 1/2 of vial contents for a watch.
    Apply the entire contents of vial for a smartphone front or back.
    Apply 2 vials for an iPad or tablet.
4. Use dry cloth #2 to spread Liquid Evenly over the entire glass surface.
5. Wait 5-10 minutes.
6. Use the microfiber cloth to buff the glass surface dry. 
7. The nanotechnology will completely cure within 24-48 hours. 
8. We recommend waiting 15-30 minutes before using your device. 

Liquid Glass Installation Video