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About Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

The tempered glass that you see protecting mobile devices today is a type of glass that is manufactured using controlled chemical and thermal treatments to increase its strength. First, the glass is subjected to a heating process, and then it is rapidly cooled by blowers. This process cools one side of the glass much faster than the other, compressing one surface while building up tension on the surface on the opposite side. The difference between the conditions of the two surfaces makes the tempered glass between five to 10 times stronger than it was.

So why would you choose a tempered glass protector over any other kind of screen protector? Here's a look at a few of the reasons why tempered glass leaves other options behind.


Our tempered glass screen protectors are hammer-tested for ultimate impact resistance. They can absorb shock if you accidentally drop your phone on a hard or uneven surface. If the fall is severe enough to break the tempered glass screen protector, you don't have to worry because your phone display being compromised because of the safe way in which tempered glass breaks. Our protectors are also 9H scratch resistant. 9H is the highest rating on the Pencil Hardness Test, meaning that a pencil is actually used to scratch a surface and determine its resistance. Because our tempered glass is so strong, you won't have to worry about your phone display getting scratched by the coins or keys in your pocket.

Easy to Clean

Over time, the screen of your device or phone will accumulate dust and debris. If your device is protected by a tempered glass screen protector, you can simply wipe the screen with a handkerchief or the hem of your shirt. Our tempered glass screen protectors come with oleophobic coating, which makes them resistant to fingerprints. Your phone screen will stay smudge-free.

Better Visibility Outdoors

When you use an ordinary scratch guard on the screen of your device or phone, the outdoor visibility of the device suffers. The glare of the sun can make it difficult to clearly see what is on your device's display. Tempered glass screen protectors will not affect the visibility of your display, even if you are outdoors.

Better Feel

Plastic screen protectors can have a bumpy or sticky feeling to them. Tempered glass screen protectors, on the other hand, have an incredible hand-feel. Even when you look at them up close, it's difficult to notice that there is an extra layer on the screen of your device or phone display. Most of our tempered glass screen protectors are 2.5D hardened. This means that they lie partway between 2 and 3-dimensional due to their contoured edges. This accounts for their high aesthetic and ergonomic appeal.

Sharp and Clean

The tempered glass screen protector does not affect the colors, image quality, or sharpness of your display. Plastic screen protectors tend to get cloudy over time and accumulate dirt and grime which could obscure your display. Not so with tempered glass. If you are passionate about phone photography, or you love to watch videos on your phone, a tempered glass screen protector is the right choice for you.

Easy Glass Install and Removal

Tempered glass screen protectors from Red Zombie are simple to install. A tempered glass installation video tutorial here guides you through the steps for installing the screen protector on your device or phone. By following these instructions, you will be left with a smooth, clean finish.

If you have an old protector on your device that you want to replace with one from Red Zombie, it is easy to make the switch:

  • If you have a flexible, thin screen protector on your device, attach a piece of tape to one corner of the protector and gently pull it off the screen.

  • If the screen protector is a bit thicker, use a hard card such as an ID or credit card to lift the existing screen protector from any corner. Once the corner has been lifted, begin pulling it upward to slowly remove the cover.

After removing your old screen protector, wipe the screen of your phone with a clean, soft cloth to have it ready for your new tempered glass screen protector.




Red Zombie Advantage

Every tempered glass screen protector that you purchase from Red Zombie is covered by a lifetime warranty. To have your tempered glass screen protector replaced in case of damage, breaks, chips, cracks, shatters, or any other problem, fill out a Lifetime Warranty Request Form as soon as the damage occurs. Then, submit the replacement request form and pay the $7.99 shipping charge. Red Zombie will send you a like-for-like replacement as soon as it receives your paperwork. You can fill out the replacement request form here.

Stronger Than other Screen Protectors

Tempered glass screen protectors from Red Zombie are stronger than many of our competitors. There are plenty of brands of tempered glass screen protectors on the market, but Red Zombie offers the ultimate in strong, reliable tempered glass screen protectors.

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