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iPhone 11 Pro - Back Skinz

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Looking to customize your iPhone 11 Pro and make it uniquely your own while also protecting the back of your device? Zombie Skinz is your perfect solution! WARNING: All your friends will love it and complement you on it.

  • Choose from either a back only Skinz or a full cover Skinz which will cover both the back and sides of your device. (The full cover will provide the device with a complete makeover)
  • Experience the hyper-realistic wood finish look in your device, or the stylish appearance of the chameleon Skinz!
  • Installation is a simple process, even for beginners. Can be easily applied with only a heat gun/hair dryer and squeegee. Conforms to contours and bends easily. Never worry about bubbles or creases.
  • Features acrylic-based, liftable, slideable and repositionable air-release adhesive, sticks with pressure alone and peels off with minimal effort.
  • Our high-quality Skinz are extremely durable, have a scratch-grime-water-UV resistant surface, and will last up to 5 years without fading or cracking.

NOTE: Texture of Skinz will vary depending on product type.

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Say no to cracks, keep your devices looking brand spanking new!