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LG Tempered Glass

LG Corporation has been identified as the fourth-largest industrial conglomerate in South Korea. It operates various subsidiaries in over 80 countries and manufacturers electronics, telecom products, and chemicals. In recent years, the company showed net incomes of nearly $172 million per year.

LG phones, which range from basic phones to the latest in smartphone technology, boast features that let you customize your mobile experience. Recent research showed that roughly 32 million Americans own an LG smartphone.

LG was one of the first companies to feature a phone with a Quad HD display and a unique rear-button layout. It experimented in modality with the introduction of the LG G5. With this phone, the lower portion, which houses the battery, can be slid from the base of the phone and replaced by add-on modules providing ramped-up function (such as camera accessories, audio modules, and more).

LG features everything from robust mid-range to entry-level phones. People of all budgets can find a conservatively-priced phone with a range of features to meet their individual needs.

If you have dropped your phone before with damaging results, you know the agonies associated with repair or replacement. Safeguard your LG phone with Red Zombie tempered glass screen protectors. Our protectors are hammer-tested and resist scratches and impact. They are covered with an oleophobic coating that repels facial oils and fingerprints. Our tempered glass is one of the best investments you can make for safeguarding your phone.