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What to do if You Shatter Your Phone Screen

What to do if You Shatter Your Phone Screen

Unfortunately, a smartphone that fixes itself has not been invented yet, and most likely, it never will be. A shattered phone screen is a common problem among smartphone owners. If you find yourself with a broken screen, stop and ponder some of these suggestions before you lose all hope.

Not all accidents are created equal. A phone that is accidentally dropped or smashed on a hard object will experience different degrees of damage. The screen could be completely shattered, or there might just be a tiny crack in one area of the screen. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may not have any issues at all.

When you experience an unfortunate incident with your phone, assess the level of damage. Put your phone on a solid surface, and, using good lighting, give your phone a close look-over before putting it back in your pocket. Gently apply pressure to different areas of the display to see how well (or if) your phone still works. If the screen stays in place, with no part detached from it, you can most likely keep using your phone with few problems.

Be aware, however, that if you choose to continue using your phone with a cracked screen, there may be consequences down the line. The screen of a smartphone has a dual function. It is the part of the phone that responds to your touch, but it also protects the electronics underneath. If you keep the display of your phone cracked for a long period of time, you might be exposing the phone’s electronics to damage. If your screen has only a small, superficial crack, you can cover it with a good-quality screen protector until you decide on a final action to fix the problem.

If your phone screen has had a serious injury, immediately back up your phone to another device as a precaution. Should your phone eventually give up the ghost, professionals may be able to restore lost data, but you might be able to save yourself the expense by backing up your phone before it completely dies.

If your phone is in a bad place, check over your policy and coverage. You may have phone insurance that can help you repair or replace your broken display. If you don’t have insurance but you’re pretty handy, you can try to fix the screen yourself by replacing it. There are a lot of moving parts to a cell phone, so if you aren’t completely confident in your phone-repair skills, it is better to pay the extra money to have a professional fix your device. If you have insurance, your best bet will be to take your phone to the manufacturer’s service center.

The best kind of protection, however, is prevention. You can avoid this kind of situation from the very beginning by protecting your phone screen against damages by installing a tempered glass screen protector from Red Zombie.