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The Right Way to Clean Your Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Right Way to Clean Your Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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A tempered glass screen protector shields your phone’s screen from wear and tear. On occasion, however, debris may get in between your phone’s screen and the protector. Fortunately, tempered glass screen protectors are easy to clean.

Trapped debris can form a bubble in your screen protector, making it look like your screen is marred. You might be tempted to clean the adhesive side of the screen protector only to spread the dirt and dust around. To avoid this, it’s important to properly clean both sides of your screen protector. Here’s how:

To clean the front of your tempered glass screen protector:

Use a mixture that consists of an equal part dish soap and water. You should avoid abrasive cleaners or acid, vinegar, or chemical-based cleaners. Carefully apply the mixture to the screen, allowing 15 seconds for the cleaner to work its way into the grime. After that, use a soft sponge to remove the mixture. Then buff the screen with a soft cloth.

To clean the sticky side of your tempered glass screen protector:

Start on a clean surface and have a roll of packing tape and a soft cloth handy. Wash your hands thoroughly to rid them of natural oils that could smudge your screen protector. Carefully remove your tempered glass protector from your phone.

Cut off a few pieces of tape and loop them into rolls with the adhesive side out. Stick the rolls to the top side of your screen protector. Invert the screen protector and stick it to the table so that it is anchored firmly in place.

After that, place strips of tape across the sticky side of your tempered glass. Peel them off slowly, removing the dust and dirt in the process. Continue doing this until you have removed all of the tape strips. Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and put the screen protector back on the phone’s face.

With both sides of your tempered glass screen protector clean, your phone will look like new again.

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