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Self-Improvement Month

Self-Improvement Month

It seems that people are always striving to improve and be their best selves. No matter what you’re trying to get better at, September is the month to make those goals a reality. September is National Self-Improvement Month, which brings an excellent opportunity to dust off those New Year’s resolutions you’ve been ignoring or to come up with new goals for yourself.

Smartphones can be useful tools when it comes to making and meeting new goals. While some people may complain that smartphones can be a distraction in daily life, there are many ways you can use your smartphone to be more productive.

Here are a few ways to use your smartphone as a self-improvement tool:

  • Never miss an appointment — These days, many people have hectic schedules. Since your smartphone is usually with you, you might as well take advantage of your phone's calendar to keep track of your appointments each day. You can also set up your phone to notify you of important dates, so you never miss a birthday, anniversary, or meeting.
  • Be more productive at work — While some people believe smartphones can detract from the workplace, if used correctly, they can help you be more productive at work. By syncing your work email with your phone, you can make sure that you get notified when an important email is sent your way. You can also use various apps to communicate with co-workers about projects you may be collaborating on.
  • Learn new things — Smartphones make it easy for you to learn new things even on the go. Whether you’re watching DIY videos for projects you’ve always wanted to try or are using an app to learn a new language, there are unlimited resources available on your phone to help you expand your knowledge.
  • Improve your health — From diet tracking apps to running apps, there are many programs you can use to keep track of your fitness. There are even apps dedicated to providing users with quick and healthy recipes, so you can eat well and keep up with your busy schedule.
  • Take time to relax — Maybe you feel overwhelmed and stressed from your busy life and are looking to improve through a little self-care. You can relax through using guided meditations at night before falling asleep. You can even find a humorous podcast to listen to on your commute to work so you’re in a good mood when you walk into the office.
  • Regulate your sleep schedule — It’s easy to stay up late, even if you need to wake up early the next morning. If you have a goal to be less sluggish in the morning or wake up earlier to make more time for the things that are important to you, you can use your alarm clock app to remind you when it’s time to go to bed at night. Additionally, you can set up your phone to block notifications after a certain point in the night so beeps and buzzes don’t keep you up.

When it comes to self-improvement, your phone has an endless number of resources you can use to accomplish any goal you set for yourself. However, it’s up to you to take advantage of those resources and become your best self.