Samsung Galaxy S8- 3D/Curved-Side Adhesive-Glass Screen Protector

by Damon Burton July 26, 2018

The Samsung Galaxy S8 boasts a 3D view with a 360 degree spin. It affords the “force touch” seen on Apple’s phones, a selfie-friendly camera, face fast scanning, a virtual assistant (Bixby), and more.

If you’ve invested in a Samsung Galaxy S8, you will want to protect it well. The Samsung Galaxy S8- 3D/Curved-Side Adhesive-Glass Screen Protector, is the perfect screen protector for your phone. It can protect your phone from scratces and accidental bumps and drops. The tempered glass screen protector will protect your fingers, too, against the shattered and jagged glass shards that could cut your skin.

Our Red Zombie tempered glass screen protector comes with a lifetime warranty. If something happens to it, we will replace it for free. The Red Zombie tempered glass screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S8 is hammer tested. This means that it will not shatter, even under the brute force of a hammer. It is scratch-resistant, guaranteeing that you will have a clear screen all the time, regardless of any minor accidents that would normally cause scrapes and scuffs.

All of our screen protectors are resistant to smudges. The surface of your phone will remain clean and clear no matter how you handle it. The tempered glass protector is soft to the touch so you will not feel the difference between the glass and the original face of the phone. The protector will not affect responsiveness; your phone will react to all of your taps and swipes just as it would without a screen cover.

The Red Zombie brand is guaranteed to have high-quality craftsmanship, making it a fitting companion to your Samsung Galaxy S8 or check out our other screen protectors for Samsung devices.

Damon Burton
Damon Burton