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Product Feature: Moto Droid Turbo 2

Product Feature: Moto Droid Turbo 2

The Moto Droid Turbo 2 by Motorola is touted as the phone with the world’s first shatterproof display. This phone is for people who are always on the go and may be hard on their phones.

The Moto Droid Turbo 2 – Standard Glass Screen Protector by Red Zombie is the best protection you can provide your phone. While the phone’s screen is supposed to be shatter-proof, you’ll only be able to test that claim by dropping your phone and hoping for the best. Accidents happen, and no phone is totally fool-proof. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your cell phone since it’s both a hefty investment and an essential part of your life.

Even though the Moto Droid Turbo 2 is considered shatter-proof, the screen is still subject to damage from scratching, smudges, and dirt. The functionality of your phone will be significantly impacted when it develops scratches and cracks. The Standard Glass Screen Protector for your Moto Droid Turbo 2 will safeguard the screen of your phone from scratches, dings, and other damages. Protecting the screen of your phone will prolong its lifespan and also help maintain its value if you choose to resell it later.

The screen protector from Red Zombie will protect your Moto Droid Turbo 2 long-term. Red Zombie provides a lifetime warranty for all of its screen protectors. They are hammer tested, which means they will not crack or break, even if you hit your phone with a hammer. The screen protector is also smudge-proof, which means that your fingers will not leave any marks on the screen, regardless of how much you handle your phone throughout the day. And unlike other screen protectors that interfere with the touchscreen’s functionality, this screen protector will maintain the soft touch of your phone.

Even shatterproof phones would benefit from tempered-glass screen protectors, and your best choice is Red Zombie.