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New Year: How to Make Your Smartphone Look Brand New

New Year: How to Make Your Smartphone Look Brand New

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time where it seems anything could happen. The countdown to midnight, the glittering ball drop, and maybe a kiss from a loved one are all time-honored traditions that revolve around New Year’s Eve. You might also engage in the age-old tradition of making New Year’s resolutions. These personal goals are intended to make your life better than it was last year. Whether it be eating better, exercising, or journaling, people tend to make the same resolutions year after year regarding things they encounter on a daily basis.

This year, make a New Year’s resolution that is not a rehash of what you have been striving for through the years. One idea is to resolve to make your smartphone look brand new every day. After all, it’s one of your most important and frequently-used accessories.

The following are ways to make your phone look and perform like new:

  • Recharge your batteries – If your phone shows signs of a dying battery, you can give it a fresh breath of life by replacing the battery. This will most likely cost you a moderate amount of money, but it is much cheaper than buying a new phone.
  • Accessories – By adding some new accessories to your phone, you can create the impression that your phone is new. Some accessories, such as a phone strap, are must-haves if you are prone to dropping your phone.
  • A new case – Some people do not like the idea of covering a beautiful, new phone with a case made of leather or plastic. They feel that cases take away from the beauty of the phone; however, a case is necessary if you want to protect your phone from some gravity-related accidents. Such accidents can result in a shattered or cracked screen. Cases nowadays are built for both form and function, and manufacturers design sturdy cases with every personality in mind. Change up your case’s look by getting a different case from the one you used last year.
  • More storage – You can add external storage to your phone if it does not allow an SD card. There are external storages now that wirelessly connect to your phone for instant storage of your music, video, and photos.
  • Wireless charging – New phones today can be charged wirelessly through a Qi charger. If you have a phone that does not have this feature, you can still wirelessly charge by getting a Qi receiver or other similar device.
  • Clean up your screen – Remove apps that you do not use, and download new ones that will be beneficial to you.
  • Tempered glass screen protector – If you have a screen protector that shows its age, take it off and install a tempered glass screen protector from Red Zombie. We have products to fit all different phones and devices, including Apple Watch screen protectors.
  • Liquid Zombie Glass Screen Protector - We have worked tirelessly to develop a product that will provide your device with a protection like none other. In addition, If the glass on your device breaks within 1 year of your Liquid Glass Installation, Red Zombie will reimburse you up to $500 to have your glass fixedSave hundreds of dollars when life's apocalyptic moments shows up unexpectedly!  
For Extreme Apocalyptic Protection, we recommend applying Liquid Zombie Glass on your device, and then adding a Tempered Glass on Top of it!! 

    Say no to cracks, keep your devices looking brand spanking new!