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Is Your Phone Adequately Protected?

Is Your Phone Adequately Protected?

Phones are small, slim, and slippery. No matter how careful people are, they still end up dropping their phone at some point.

Of course, the best advice is to hold on tightly to your phone at all times, but that is easier said than done. Thus, the best line of defense is to safeguard your phone with protective accessories. Here are a couple vital accessories for safeguarding your phone.

  • Bumper – A protective bumper is a great way to protect your phone in case of a rough landing. The bumper provides an added layer of protection to the phone’s edges so that it will not break when it accidentally drops on a hard surface. The ridges of your bumper will absorb the impact of an accidental drop, preserving the screen and internal workings of your phone.
  • Screen protector – A screen protector is a must for a phone. Most phones boast strong protective glass, but if it gets hit at just the right angle, it can still shatter. Your phone’s glass can also get scratched, making your phone look prematurely old and beat up. Installing a tempered glass screen protector is the best way to extend the life of your phone and its screen. Plastic protectors are one option, but they don’t always provide enough of a buffer. Over time, the plastic screen will discolor, making your phone look older than it actually is. A better option is the tempered glass screen protector, which can shield your phone’s screen against hard falls as well as little scuffs and scratches. It’s hard to beat the durability and strength of tempered glass.

If you leave matters to chance, you could be left replacing your phone’s glass, which averages about $100 to $150. If the phone itself is compromised, you might have to switch out the whole thing, costing you a small fortune. A tempered glass screen protector is a modest investment that can bring peace of mind and pay dividends in the event of an accident.