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How Parents Can Safeguard Their Phones from Bruises and Scratches

How Parents Can Safeguard Their Phones from Bruises and Scratches

Having small children in your house means you have to child-proof a lot of things to prevent accidents, injuries, and damages to your property. Children are very active, without knowing the consequences of their actions.

Some of the many things that need child-proofing in your house are your mobile devices. You cannot always keep your iPad, iPhone, or any other tablet or smartphone beyond your children's reach . No matter how careful you are, there will be instances where you will leave your mobile devices unattended. Without your knowledge, your children could play with your devices and scratch or drop them. If you're lucky, cosmetic damage will be the only harm done.

Prevent damages by protecting your devices

To protect your tablet or smartphone, use a tempered glass screen protector. Glass covers will be your first line of defense for your mobile devices. It will protect your device from getting scratched or shattered. While you don't necessarily want to test if your phone can resist getting ran over by a car, your tempered glass phone cover will protect your device against more realistic drops and bangs.

The case may even provide a little protection against water damage if your mobile device is accidentally dropped in the toilet or other area with water. If you are able to retrieve your device immediately after it is dropped in water, there is the good chance the water will not damage your phone.

Protecting your screen may also help maintain a good resell value should you decide to sell your device in the future.


Nobody wants to use a mobile phone that has plenty of scratches which are caused by coins in your purse or other sharp items. Or sometimes caused by falling on the floor. You can protect your phone’s screen through a glass screen protector. The touch feeling will just be the same anyway. Check on this infographic for more info.

How Parents Can Safeguard Their Phones from Bruises and Scratches [infographic]