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Does an iPad Need a Screen Protector?

Does an iPad Need a Screen Protector?

Tablets have filled a significant need in the text industry. While they are bigger than smartphones, they are lighter and easier to carry around than laptops. Tablets have been around for years, and Apple’s iPad is a very popular tablet option.

While many people would never think to put a screen protector on their laptop, most people put one on their smartphones to protect the glass from scratches and cracking. But since an iPad is somewhere in between the two, customers are divided on whether they should or should not put a screen protector on their iPad. Given the cost of an iPad and what’s at stake if you compromise the screen, however, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

The more recent versions of the iPad come with screens made of Gorilla Glass, which is allegedly scratch-resistant and less likely to shatter if dropped. In a sense, the Gorilla Glass acts as a screen protector for the device, but Gorilla Glass isn’t fool proof. Your phone is still vulnerable if you drop or scratch it.

Even the most careful user can fumble their iPad. A screen protector can give you added peace of mind just in case the worst happens. Since your iPad will eventually age, even with Gorilla Glass, evidence of wear and tear will begin to show with nicks and scratches. If you use a screen protector, however, it will keep your screen looking as good as new for years to come.

When looking for screen protectors for your iPad, check out options made of tempered glass. The best tempered glass screen protectors are hammer-tested to offer the ultimate in impact resistance technology. These screen protectors are easier and more inexpensive to replace than the screen of your device.

With an investment as sizeable as an iPad, make sure to protect it with careful handling and the added protection of a tempered-glass screen protector.

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