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Does a Glass Screen Protector Affect 3D Touch?

Does a Glass Screen Protector Affect 3D Touch?

Apple introduced 3D touch beginning with the iPhone 6s. 3D touch is multitouch mode that allows you to press firmly to launch an action instead of an app launching it, reply to notifications, preview messages and links, switch keyboards, switch apps, animate Live Photos, vary your stroke, and more. It functions like a wormhole through iOS to let you move around faster than ever.

3D touch allows you to select an app icon to bring up quick actions, which all apps have even if it is the standard AppStore app shortcut that lets you share the app with someone else. Some apps have various quick actions, such as dynamic quick actions that update based on the last contact you connected with, an article you read, a show that you watched, and more. Tap an action to go directly to the feature or content in the app.

While Apple's 3D touch is a revolutionary feature, making the iPhone use easy and smooth, many iPhone users that prefer to protect their phones with tempered glass screen protectors worry how the 3D touch will work with the screen protector.

Apple immediately addressed that worry. According to Apple, as long as the screen protector is 1/3 mm thick or less is conductive, it will work well with 3D touch. Most of the screen protectors available in the market today, especially Red Zombie’s tempered glass screen protectors for iPhones, are 1/3 mm or less in thickness, which means they will not pose a problem or interfere with the iPhone's operation.

The iPhone has become an indispensable part of people’s everyday life. Everybody knows that when you own an iPhone, you made a big investment. Without the screen protector, your investment will be exposed to the risk of scratches, dirt, and an accidental drop. Glass screen guards provide ample protection to your iPhone screen from the damages of everyday use. Installing a tempered glass screen protector to your iPhone will allow you to keep your phone look like new for a long period of time.