Liquid Glass Warranty

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Register Your Liquid Warranty:

Warranty Registration Instructions:

  • If your Liquid Glass AND Warranty was purchased at a Retail Store location, you must fill out the "RETAIL REGISTRATION" form above within 14 days of purchase.
  • If your Liquid Glass AND/OR Warranty was purchased online through our website, you must fill out the "ONLINE REGISTRATION" form above within 14 days of purchase.


    To claim your Warranty:

    • Take your device to the place of your choice to get your glass fixed. Submit the following information below and we will reimburse you up to your warranty amount purchased.

    Email the following to service@redzombie.com 

    • *please title it: (Last, First name - Warranty Claim)
    • *Include: Current mailing addressDevice Name, Serial Number, a picture of the broken device, attach a receipt copy showing where the glass was fixed and how much it cost.

    That's it, It's super easy. Click click, respond, and you'll have your reimbursement check in the mail, 100% hassle free. No questions asked.


    Terms and Conditions

    (Quick Read Version)

    If the glass on your device breaks within 1 year of your Liquid Glass Installation, Red Zombie will reimburse you up to $300 to have your glass fixed. Select from one of our Insurance plans and save hundreds of dollars when life's apocalyptic moments shows up unexpectedly! 

    Your Warranty is limited to 1 year after date of Liquid Glass Purchase. Warranty must be purchased separately for front and back glass. Warranty must be Registered within 14 days of purchase. Red Zombie will not be responsible for any damages to your device before warranty activation!

    No Discounts may be applied to a Warranty Purchase.

    (Read Full Terms and Conditions)