Red Zombie partners with 5 For The Fight - A message from our CEO

June 18, 2019

Red Zombie partners with 5 For The Fight - A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO:

I often joke that I’m living my husband’s dream and in a sense there is truth in that statement. I never planned on working in business or running a company. My education is actually in nursing. Today because of circumstances that’s exactly what I’m doing.

My husband has always been a dreamer. He grew up in a family business so being an entrepreneur was in his blood. When an opportunity came to be his own boss he jumped at it. Launching a brand and company that would benefit his history of twenty years in the wireless business and his passion for his favorite TV series, “The Walking Dead,” he created Apocalyptic Device Protection and Red Zombie was borne… a company offering mobile phone device protection designed to withstand even a Zombie Apocalypse. He loved living his dream and excelled at doing so.

However, on November 18th 2015 his dream was changed forever.

The day began like any other busy day for us, work, errands… juggling life. That changed in an instance. We received a call that our primary care doctor wanted to meet with us immediately. Dean had been having weird chest pains and had undergone several diagnostic procedures. So I thought he probably was going to have to have stents in his heart. Digesting that scary thought, we were completely blind-sided with the actual diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Upon hearing the news I felt sucker punched. I didn’t understand it. He’d never been a smoker. He’d lived a rather healthy lifestyle. I just couldn’t grasp the concept of the diagnoses. Being a nurse, I knew the probable prognosis for Lung Cancer. I felt myself spinning in disbelief. I didn’t know how he would survive this or how our family would cope with the loss of him.

On a side note…I’m not alone in my reaction, most patients and their families feel blind-sided after the initial diagnosis. However, the grim reality is that almost 40% of men and women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. So the chances of cancer affecting YOU, in your life whether through family, friends or yourself are highly likely.


Red Zombie Family


Our lives have changed because of cancer. Dean is still alive. He still has cancer, but miraculously after losing a lung and enduring 16 weeks of chemotherapy, his cancer is considered dormant. It’s still there but isn’t growing and luckily hasn’t metastasized. Our battle continues with this deadly disease. We know we live on borrowed time with him. So we live in the moment, and focus on making memories with our family. On a positive note, our family business and Dean’s dream continues today, through the help of incredible son-n-laws, along with a dedicated staff, Red Zombie continues to grow, thrive and improve the world of mobile phone screen protection. 

Lastly, I’m a private person and telling our story is difficult for me. I’ve chosen to share it because our family needs to pay it forward and contribute to finding a cure to this deadly disease. We’ve decided to partner with 5 For The Fight, so going forward, with every purchase made at redzombie.com using Code: 5FTFnot only will you receive $5 off your purchase, but Red Zombie will also make a $5 donation to 5 For The Fight. This amazing organization is working tirelessly for cancer research. So please take satisfaction that along with getting great apocalyptic device protection when you purchase a Red Zombie Product, our giveback program will allow you to contribute to the cancer community, and participate in finding a cure for this deadly disease.

By doing so, you’ll help me live my dream…a world free of cancer.


-- Anne Bigelow, President/CEO Red Zombie


Red Zombie Cares, Giveback program to 5 For The Fight

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