June 12, 2019



We are excited to announce that we are joining forces with 5 For The Fight to fight the battle against cancer. This is a very special cause to our hearts as the owner and founder of Red Zombie, Dean Bigelow, has been fighting the battle with cancer for years.

Four years ago Dean was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lung cancer. After undergoing treatment for over a year and the removal of one of his lungs, doctors informed him that the cancer had spread and that he had an estimated 1-2 years left. However, Dean continued to fight for his life. He beat the odds and he is still here with us today, overseeing the company he built 10 years ago with his family. Dean is a great example of courage, perseverance, and strength to his friends, family, the wireless industry, and to all those who know him. He has worked tirelessly for years to bring you a product you can feel confident using everyday. His product is one that will protect the devices we all love. He has proven to the industry time and time again that Red Zombie products are built to endure all that life throws at it.

Dean’s story is the reason why we have chosen to partner with “5 for the Fight”. We believe that the battle of cancer can be won and we want to support all those who are enduring this battle. “5 For The Fight” is a charity we respect, admire, and love. They are not looking for new ways to treat this disease but are on a mission to eradicate it and we 100% stand behind their mission.

For every purchase made on our website that uses code 5FTF, not only will you receive $5 Off your purchase, but we'll also donate $5 to the 5 For The Fight organization.

Who are you giving your $5 for? Show your support! Write a loved ones name on your hand who is battling or has battled cancer, and share your image on social media using #5ForTheFight,  #JoinTheFight,  #RedZombie

100% of every dollar we donate with each of your orders, will go directly to supporting groundbreaking cancer research.

Red Zombie will donate $5 for every purchase made to the 5 For The Fight Organization